Task and client

Develop a design concept for the packaging of napkins in a Nuvola Design box, to expand the line of its own brand of Mir Upakovki Company. The Design series should be different from the current design of the main brand and work, for the most part, in the B2C segment and have variations to fit into a different interior.

We prepared about five concepts, of which three were selected. All of them are gender-neutral and can perfectly fit into any interior, whether it is an apartment or office. Bright design, flooring with interesting elements attracts attention to the packaging and encourages you to study it, twisting in your hands.

Given the packaging communication system and people’s love of constant craving for “learning,” this is something we try not to ignore, but rather support and disclose, giving the package “Easter eggs”. And the napkin concepts in the Nuvola Design box were no exception. For example, in the concept of “Forest” you can see the heroes of the tale – Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf.

упаковка салфеток в коробке