We create a bright image of the brand in the hearts of consumers

Sova Branding Agency was founded on the edge of Russia – in the city of Vladivostok. For five years, we have been finding the shortest path between companies and the hearts of their customers, studying the needs of people and their expectations. We draw attention to the important and inspire entire companies. We build work on the principles of a confident and long-term partnership. We strive for our customers to develop dynamically and fill the Russian market with only high-quality products. We are focused on creating, supporting and promoting brands, as well as being members of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia.

What else?

We have vacancies and useful posts in the blog.

Our clients are young companies, medium business and strong brands

We love our clients, and they in turn come back to us with new projects. We are convinced that a strong relationship is established between the client and the agency and we become partners in the process of solving the problem.

Клиенты брендингового агентства Сова

Agency team
scales to the project

We have long gone to the dark side of power, and since then, we are not abandoned by the obsession to make things so that they are pleasant to use every day. And yet, in the agency like ficuses and a systematic approach to solving problems.

Жданов Вячеслав Дмитриевич (Сова)
Viacheslav Zhdanov
Art director
Новосёлов Никита Сергеевич (Сова)
Nikita Novoselov
Сreative director
Мазур Михаил (Сова)
Mikhail Mazur
Technical Director

Developing ourselves, we create individual projects within the agency that help others develop

Good branding is not design, it is a relationship.

Behance Portfolio Review Vladivostok

We have been organizing the most important design event in our hometown for two years in a row.


Logo design for small business, startups and non-commercial projects.

Номинации брендингового агентства Сова


Sometimes, we participate in contests, help pro bono non-profit organizations and collect awards.

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