Create a nice logo for a loft style burger bar. A place for those who are looking for a good time, delicious food and new emotions.


Developed within the project Logonight, allowing you to create high-quality logo, even with a limited budget.

The content

In the “Horoshee Mesto” (Good place) make steep burgers with quality ingredients, not by commonplace recipes and in a pleasant atmosphere, which gives the opportunity to have a good time with friends and family.


The logo is based on the combination of “X” and “M” – the initial letters of the words of the name. The central elements of these letters are the corners, and the general stylistics is based on their interaction. The logo combines and interacts with the images of the wigwam (tent), as a place for recreation and a red tick, as a symbol, which confirm a positive result.

дизайн логотипа бургер-бара
разработка логотипа бургерной
дизайн логотипа

In the special version of the logo, the position of the font is changed and the descriptor “burger bar” is added. Such a sign is great for branding of portable packaging lids.

Версия логотипа с дескриптором

Logo with descriptor

Logotype burger bar "Horoshee Mesto"