The first task – to develop a name that would easily identify the site, was sonorous and brief. The second is to develop a logo causing direct associations with the name. The third is to develop a website with a description of seminars, a registration form for events and information about speakers.


Delay Delo is an adaptive platform for seminars, trainings and lectures about business. How to develop it from the very first steps: to build a marketing strategy and sales department. How to create, promote and support the company. The site is focused primarily on new companies and startups.


Our team developed the name of the site, which reflects the essence of its activities and accurately answers the question of what it does.

Delo (eng: business) – is work, occupation, action is not for entertainment; commercial enterprise, business; question to be resolved.


When developing the logo, we found a metaphor that accurately reflects the process of forming a business (or one’s own business) – conquering mountains. Having overcome its first peak, and being at its peak, any entrepreneur sees his new perspectives, new mountains that he has yet to overcome. In any case, there is always a place for ups and downs, which is why, as an additional graphic image, a growth chart is used. The two images are combined into simple geometric symbols, and they perfectly beat the abbreviation of the company, forming an additional version of the logo and pattern. The logo and additional elements of identity, such as font, colors and pattern, form a bright style for the site, and simplify the creation of promotional materials.

Дизайн логотипа Делай Дело
Разработка основного логотипа

The main version of the logo

Сокращённый логотип



Graphic pattern

Web design

The site design is made in a minimalist style and is a landing page with a registration form for events. Unobtrusive animation makes using the site even more enjoyable and intuitive. For the site were drawn several illustrations and icons.

Разработка сайта Делай Дело
Разработка дизайна сайта