Develop a logo for a company producing 3D printers. Create a logo box that includes elements of corporate identity.


Developed within the project Logonight, allowing you to create high-quality logo, even with a limited budget.


Trinity – Russian company producing a line of 3D printers of various configurations and electronics for processing machines. It also provides services for the maintenance and supply of spare parts and accessories for printers.

Логотип и элементы фирменного стиля

Corporate identity

Design concept

The company produces a line of printers: from simple and inexpensive for home to cool for professionals and businesses. Trinity’s mission is to promote 3D printing. They strive to ensure that their product is accessible, understandable and convenient to the general population, while remaining quality, with a good design. We liked this idea, and we focused on strict manufacturability and simplicity of geometry.


The logo consists of three triangles that form a tetrahedron in three-dimensional space. Thereby demonstrating the main direction of the company – 3D printing.

Логобук для логотипа Trinity

Logobook for brand