Task and client

Develop visual branding and packaging for your own brand of household goods produced by the Mir Upakovki company.

Impacto Home логотип


The central image of the logo is the roof of a private house, the smoke from the chimney of which represents coziness and active life in the house. The angular shape of the house and the ribbon above it visually emphasize the connection of the logo with the manufacturer’s brand.

A wide and very dynamic product line of the brand includes a huge number of trade names in various formats and sizes: from adhesive tape to baking dishes. And in order to make it easy to design new SKUs in the future, we have created a simple and understandable design system. The contrasting combination of yellow and black attracts attention and forms a bright noticeable face on the shelf. The front side in the form of short text blocks contains key product information, which is supported by a photograph of the product in use. This principle applies to all products. By removing visual noise and setting a clear pattern on the packaging, we help the consumer navigate the wide product line of the brand and make the right choice.

Дизайн упаковки Impacto Home
хозяйственная упаковка
брендинг торговой марки
дизайн упаковки хоз товаров