Develop an identity for Connective PLM, which implements PLM systems. With the help of vast implementation experience and industry knowledge, the company helps to reduce costs, free up engineering resources for research and new development.

PLM is software that automates the entire work cycle of any product, from design to sales.

Designed by order of the Brand hub.


The time machine was chosen as a metaphor for the brand. And the central image of the logo is the key, which in the continuation of the image symbolizes the hidden opportunities that the company opens up to its customers. The main message: “the key to the technological future of the company”.

The deep blue color stands out well on both light and dark backgrounds, making the logo and corporate identity elements noticeable and easy to use. The combination of blue and white has already become a classic for the IT sphere and emphasizes the company’s manufacturability.

логотип It-компании
айдентика для интегратора
дизайн интегратора
разработка бренда
разработка логотипа IT компании