To develop elements of corporate identity for the opening of a new Premier Fitness premium club. The key development is the corporate folder, which is given to the client at the conclusion of the contract. Inside is a customer card, business card, contract and rules for visiting the club.


The agency developed a design for branded merchandise merchandise, selected materials and manufacturing methods. The supplier of production is determined. All the necessary calculations and prototypes were made.

имиджевая продукция Премьер Фитнес
Corporate folder

Design paper Majestic Satin has sufficient rigidity to maintain the shape of the folder, even after prolonged use. It is resistant to pollution and leaves no traces. Matte surface favorably emphasizes the glossy logo on the front side of the folder. The folder is cut according to the scheme developed in our agency and is assembled by hand. On the front side of the folder using a silk-screen printing, a white logo is applied.


For conventional cards, standard plastic is used, and for VIP cards, thickened plastic is used, such as on chip cards (3 layers).

Business cards

Flax Ivolite with a light, shallow embossing, allows to obtain high-quality results in digital printing and transfer the texture of the paper.


Thanks to the light plastic, the badge does not delay the clothes and leaves no traces, and the magnetic mount does not damage the fabric and allows, if necessary, to easily remove it.

дизайн фирменной атрибутики Премьер Фитнес