Develop a logo for an amateur football team that will add recognition to it at matches and charity trips.


Developed within the project Logonight, allowing you to create high-quality logo, even with a limited budget.


The illustration in the logo, using images of various animals, is used in many sports leagues. Such an approach to creating an identity allows the team to work with it easily in a modern media industry.

Логотип футбольной команды

Logo main version

The logotype of the football team “Sturm” is a shield with a stylized image of a lion. A small number of colors makes the logo easy to read and makes it easy to apply on different surfaces. The font part with the name of the team is made with the modified Next Art font and is used separately from the main version of the logo.

The mark is used separately from the logo, as a print when branding souvenirs for dedicated fans.

Знак в логотипе футбольного клуба


Логотип футбольного клуба Штурм