Develop a logo for a company that produces natural fruit drinks.


Developed within the project Logonight, allowing you to create high-quality logo, even with a limited budget.


The company has been engaged in wild and domesticated berries (lingonberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn) for more than 2 years in the Far East region. In addition to the sale of berries, the company began to produce fresh, tasty fruit drinks, with a short shelf life.

Logotype Morsianin

Main logotype


The sign is made in a minimalist style, and is based on the font Comfortaa, it is also used as the main corporate font. The writing was finalized manually: kerning was performed and the optimal size of letters was selected for various parts of the logo. During the development, it was decided to focus on the word “MORS” in order to avoid erroneous reading of the name as “Martian”. Rich red color and the absence of distracting details make the logo bright and eye-catching, like a berry in space.

Logotype Morsianin


The letter “O” is stylized as a berry, which additionally emphasizes the naturalness of the ingredients and creates a direct association with the berry drink. This berry sign can be used separately from the logo, as a design element and as an additional identifier.

Logotype Morsianin