Task and client

Develop a website and update the logo of a charitable organization that has been raising guide dogs for blind people for more than 16 years. All dogs are transmitted free of charge, and the center is one of two such organizations throughout Russia.

Разработка сайта для центра собак-поводырей

Home page

We love dogs and it was important for us that the new site not only got a more pleasant design, but was really convenient. For this purpose, as an expert, we attracted one of the graduates of the center to test the convenience of the site for blind people. The site, as a tool for raising funds for the center, has received new mechanisms. Now the center itself can tell on its page about current promotions for which funds are raised, and news is filtered by sections. When working on the site design, we not only took into account the mistakes in the usability of the previous version, but also completely reworked its logic: now this is a presentation site for fundraising, containing all the necessary information for getting a guide dog. In the course of work, we updated the logo of the center of guide dogs, created a logobook, added animation to the site and new sections.

Разработка сайта для центра собак-поводырей

Key visual

The key visual for the site is based on a metaphor: guides are super-dogs with their superhero abilities and attributes. Therefore, the choice fell on the raincoat and the logo of the special project – Guide Dog Friendly. In the future, the illustration will become part of the center’s social advertising on Aeroflot’s aircraft.


In order to conveniently and quickly collect donations, the integration of the Cloudpayments and Yandex.Kassa payment systems was carried out through the Leika plugin. The donation collection system was integrated into the site management system to track the progress of funds received for various campaigns in real time, as reported by the fundraising progress line right on the central image. For the visually impaired, we have carefully provided for the translation tool in the monochrome reading mode, according to government requirements. And for the convenience of receiving the most important news center – integration with the email distribution system.

Разработка сайта
Разработка сайта

News page

Пример дизайна сайта

News grid


To make the presentations look beautiful, and on the website of the section links we had an additional illustration – we create a small set of icons.

Дизайн сайта собак-поводырей