Create a new packaging design for processed cheese. Highlight a product on a shelf.


Since the agency was not faced with the task of changing the form of packaging, it was decided to leave the design in a minimalist style with the least amount of visual noise to quickly and accurately focus the customer on the product.

When creating a new packaging design, all technical and visual errors were eliminated. Layouts are divided into color identifiers of the taste of the filling of cheeses, and their colors are selected in such a way that not only looks the most profitable on the shelf of the store, but also motivates you to buy.

разработка упаковки

Old packaging

GreenAgro cheeses are where morning begins and its most important part is breakfast.

Side view

3 icon have been developed that characterize the form of the most likely consumption as a product – a sandwich (cheese and bread). According to many sociological questionnaires, it is the sandwich that prevails in breakfasts. Therefore, it was decided to depict a slice of bread covered with the filler itself, to emphasize not only its taste, but also to assure the buyer that there are many fillings.

разработка упаковки для ГринАгро

With ham

разработка упаковки для ГринАгро


разработка упаковки для ГринАгро

With mushrooms

Top view

The “tongue” of the top plate of the packaging was not left without attention – it acts as a visual beacon. That is, in the case when the buyer cannot immediately establish visual contact with the product, the yellow “tongue”, against the background of the bright packaging, will make him subconsciously draw attention to it.

разработка упаковки
разработка упаковки


Разработка упаковки сыра с грибами
Новый дизайн упаковка сыра ГринАгро