A bakery in which manual bread is made according to traditional recipes and baked products from puff pastry.

“Two funny geese” make sourdough bread (the so-called unleavened bread) without the use of baker’s yeast, and make molded bread using traditional methods of sponge dough, as well as produce products from puff pastry.


Developed an illustrated logo representing the two geese bakers walking among wheat ears. In a humorous and optimistic sign, the main idea of the company is perfectly visible – handicraft traditions, quality and availability of products.

To allow the logo to always look as profitable as possible – we have created several versions of the mark, for various media and production conditions.

Brand colors

Цвета фирменного стиля Два Весёлых Гуся
Light orange


Цвета фирменного стиля Два Весёлых Гуся
Brown orange


Цвета фирменного стиля Два Весёлых Гуся
Light chestnut



Шрифты для пекарни Два Весёлых Гуся

Icon design

A set of eight icons perfectly complement the corporate style. Used to create packaging design, advertising media, website or any other corporate paraphernalia. In addition to purely bread-related subjects, they contain the crow’s feet, as a reference to the name of the company. Also, an excellent seamless pattern is formed from the icons.

Дизайн иконок
Фирменный стиль Два Весёлых Гуся
Разработка фирменного стиля пекарни